Boksburg Camera Club is a proud member of the PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa)

Boksburg Camera Club is a proud member of the PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa)

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Previous Outings

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Saturday 15 April  2023, six Boksburg Camera Club members went for a really nice visit at the Botanical Gardens.

We arrived a bit early only to be greeted by locked gates. Sorry but if you want to enter before eight in the morning you need a special permit.

Eventually the gates opened and the adventure started. Firstly pay the entrance fee and after a welcome visit to the loo the games began.

Me, as a first timer, was really impressed by the neat and wel kept gardens.

First a visit to the Waterfall. Very nice and the bonus was the breeding pair of Verreaux’s Eagles high up on the cliff. Here you need a very long lens and tripod or hiking shoes to get nice photos.

After the waterfall we went on a hike to the bird hide. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes and I would recommend a trolley to carry all your photography equipment. I loved the beautiful pathway through indeginous vegetation. Here you can take photos of widflower, birds and some mushrooms.

I took lenses for landscape and macro photography and left the long lenses at home, because I was afraid of all the weight I had to carry. That turns out to be a big mistake. At the bird hide the Pied Kingfishers and other birds gave us some excellent opputunities for good photos. And guess what. Only one person had the right equipment to get the images.

After a very nice lunch at the resident Restaurant we went home. I really enjoyed the Gardens and will definitely go back again to get the shots I missed.

Retro Jozi Street Photo Outing

This outing was hosted by Stimela Photographic Events and took place on Saturday 29th April. 24 enthusiastic Boksburg Camera Club members, family and friends joined other photographers on an educational and photographic trip into Jozi. Meeting nice and early “as photographers tend to do” in Rosebank, we boarded a topless double-decker bus. Thankfully we were blessed with sunny and warm weather.

Our first stop was Munro Viewpoint where we alighted to take in a view of part of the biggest urban forest in the world, with over 10 million trees in its city, gardens, 600 parks, open spaces, and suburbs. We then travelled to Maboneng (Jewel City) to photograph people, buildings, streets, and murals. The next stop was Gandhi Square followed by the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown. The artwork on the double decker bridge-supports were truly awesome. The Africa Museum was also of interest and includes a visual display of Nelson Mandela’s treason trial. Back onto the bus

Over the Nelson Mandela Bridge, taking photo’s whilst on the move of the multiple rail carriages parked beneath. Our final stop was the Playground Market in Braamfontein for a line-up of different foods, drinks, cocktails, live music performances and collections of local fashion items.

A well-organized outing, lovely people, and good memories. Possibly 1 or 2 good photos’ as well!

David MacIntyre 


Flight of the elders

22 April 2023

Pieter Searle shared the Flight for the Elders to the camera club’s WhatsApp group. A number of members indicated an interest and Pieter created a WhatsApp group for the event. Pieter also arranged special permission for us to move around and go where the public was not allowed. And yes, we had restrictions and kept to them.

Someone came to try and get us to move, claiming we were not allowed to be there, and Pieter came to the rescue and went and sorted it out. From everyone that was there on the day – Thank you Pieter for what you put in to make this a great event.

This was not an airshow, but a lot of pilots who came together to give free flights to elders who has never experienced flying. From some of the faces I saw the people really enjoyed it.

There was a constant stream of helicopters and small planes taking off and landing. Hats off to the air traffic controllers who can make this happen so seamless and without any problems.

Right at the end of the event we were treated to a show by the Flying Lions. They did quite a few fly pasts to entertain the crowd, and of course the photographers appreciated this.

Looking forward to next years event.

Heidelberg Scapes Outing



One bright and sunny morning in late January 11 members of BCC attended a landscape outing near Heidelberg.  The venue for this event was the ridge overlooking the town from the Johannesburg side, with views to the east, west and north as well as over the town itself.


Arriving just before sunrise our group drove up to the halfway plateau where we dispersed to the edge of the rim and took the opportunity to photograph the sunrise, vistas of the town  and general  views of the immediate natural surrounds  as well as other objects of interest (tripods too).

Willie P was the lone brave soul who climbed to the top of the koppie on the plateau and subsequently featured in a number of images.



The group then proceeded to the top of the ridge, facing JHB, where more scapes and some macro/close-up flower opportunities were available.

The summit of the mountain has a number of communication towers on it as well as a large cross, facing Heidelberg – commonly known as “Die  Kruis”. The lonely guard dog on duty at the cell tower welcomed some human contact.

 The outing concluded with breakfast at a rather decent restaurant in upper Heidelberg.

This photo opportunity caters for early morning and late afternoon scapes and is easily accessible by car, though  some farm road driving skill is required.

Of interest is the religious significance of the site and at least 3 church groups were present on the mountain during the “voorspan”visit and on the day of the outing.


Fouriesburg Weekend Away

Weekend Outing to Fouriesburg and Surrounds.

Friday morning 6 May 2022 saw us headed out just after 06.00 – Oops disaster! A bag was forgotten at home, quick call and a rescue mission was mounted to retrieve said bag.  The bag in question was vital and could not be done without.  2 Vehicles fully packed with people luggage and camera equipment… 2022

We stopped for breakfast at Villiers and then proceeded swiftly down the N3 turning off at Warden, where we stopped to photograph the beautiful Sandstone NG Church.  We were allowed into the church to take photos and a few intrepid people climbed to the top of the bell tower as well. From there we travelled on to Bethlehem and then Clarens before proceeding to Fouriesburg and the house we were to stay in for the weekend.  The scenery on the way is truly spectacular, the roads, not so much…


We arrived at the farm where the house we were staying is located at about 15.00.  After a brief encounter with the resident Puff adder on the way into the property, it took exception to the Toyota, we unpacked and settled in.  Loadshedding in progress when we arrived.

The views from the veranda are great and the guys wasted no time in unpacking cameras and getting down to the business of why were there…

 Some scouting of locations was done as well and then the braai fire was lit and the evening got off to a good start.  The braai master for the weekend was Barry. Very well qualified in my humble opinion.
To say that we ate well the whole weekend is an understatement! As night drew in David was charged with making the fire in the lounge, the whole house was warm from those fires.  After dinner we sat around chatting before retiring for the night.

Early morning Saturday, around 04.00 the kettle was on, and coffee and tea was made for everyone, cameras and tripods packed we left just after 06.00 to catch the sunrise.  I haven’t been so cold in a long time…  When the sun came up it seemed to get colder. But we were there to take photos and that’s what we did! Once the “Special” light was gone we proceeded to Fouriesburg for breakfast at the Plaasstoep Restaurant, a great breakfast and much laughter later we then proceeded to Destiny Castle.  A Sandstone castle built on the Top of a mountain…  To say the trek there was eventful is putting it mildly.  There has been so much rain in the area over the past few months and weeks that the “roads” leave much to be desired… 

It truly was an epic adventure, one not soon to be forgotten.  Kerry has a lovely Land rover that really can go anywhere, as we found out. We had a change of drivers as we were about to tackle the mountain road to the castle, Hannes drove the Landy, and Kerry opted to go in David’s Toyota.  I can honestly say that I have never driven with someone as calm as Hannes. I would not have tackled that road!  He made it look ridiculously easy.  We arrived at the castle to be met by Jonathan Crawford the Chef and manager of the Castle.  He gave us a tour and told us the history of the establishment.  The views from up on that mountain were breathtaking.  Then it was time to go back down…
We made it down the mountain man that was nerve wracking…  Then David got stuck in the mud…

Much laughter ensued as the Landy was put to use towing him out.


There is video evidence of the whole operation thanks to Ruzaan.

Quite an eventful Saturday…  Back to the Farm and a recap of the day. Another great braai and then sleep, much needed after the busy day.

Sunday saw us off to Clarens to shoot the Poplars…  Spent the morning strolling around the Square. Had brunch and then went to take photos, took a drive to Golden Gate, then back to the farm.  How quickly the weekend passes when you’re spending the time with like-minded people.

Overall, a great weekend getaway.  The outings are organized for all the members of the Club, I really wish that more people would join them.

Unleashing Creativity Through the Art of Panning: Boksburg Camera Club's Epic Workshop at The Rock Raceway

Date: April 30, 2023

Brakpan – On a sunny Sunday morning, members of the Boksburg Camera Club gathered at The Rock Raceway for an exhilarating photographic workshop on the captivating technique of panning. Laughter, excitement, and a shared passion for photography filled the air as shutterbugs of all levels came together to hone their skills and capture breathtaking shots in motion.

The Rock Raceway, known for its adrenaline-fueled motorsport events, provided the perfect backdrop for the workshop. With its fast-paced action, roaring engines, and skilled drivers manoeuvring their vehicles on the track, it offered the ideal setting to master the art of panning.

Led by renowned photographer and club member, Hannes Bronkhorst, the workshop began with an interactive session where participants learned the basics of panning. Hannes’ infectious enthusiasm and expertise created an engaging atmosphere, making even the most novice photographers feel at ease.

Equipped with their cameras, and a burning desire to capture that perfect shot, the members embarked on a series of challenges. They were tasked with photographing the sleek race cars as they zoomed past.

Panning, a technique where the photographer tracks a moving subject by matching its speed and capturing it in sharp focus while blurring the background, proved to be a thrilling challenge for many. It required a delicate balance of timing, coordination, and artistic vision. The members experimented with various shutter speeds and practiced their panning technique until their shots started to exhibit the desired sense of motion.

The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and friendly competition as participants shared their successes and struggles, offering tips and tricks to one another. Amidst the laughter and playful banter, the joy of learning and growing as photographers became the driving force behind the day’s activities.

The Boksburg Camera Club’s photographic workshop on the Art of Panning at The Rock Raceway in Brakpan was an unforgettable experience. It demonstrated the power of shared passions, the importance of community, and the boundless potential of creativity. Many thanks to the van Rensburg Racing team and to Hannes for an unforgettable experience.



Macro Workshop

BCC hosted a Macro workshop presented by Arnold Bester of F Stop Camera Club. Due to demand this workshop was split over two dates in February and March. The venue was at the Grove Coffee shop in Benoni, which apart from being a great venue also lent itself to insect hunting for  practical photography purposes after the theory.

  The full day workshops covered the full spectrum of the Genre, with Arnold presenting and teaching in detail over the whole range, whereafter the newly taught members were unleashed to find out for themselves that stunning photos as presented by Arnold require loads of practice and expertise.


 An Excellent learning opportunity for all involved and huge thanks must go out to Arnold for his excellent training and to Angelique from the Grove for their excellent service and also the use of their beautiful gardens for practical photography.

Modelling Workshop

Boksburg Camera Club hosted a very Successful Modelling Workshop at Legacy Photography Studio in Brakpan on 24 March.

The highly successful event was lead by our own Laetitia Kenny, with 23 photographers having the opportunity to photograph 5 models over 7 very different studio set ups.

Make up was done in house by Tracey and our models looked stunning in various outfits and poses, with the he excellent studio props  making a big difference to the variety of  photos possible


Support from the studio was excellent and  nothing was a problem for Emrica. Legacy are highly recommended for any would be studio photographers.

A big thank you to our models Claire, Kyle, Jocelyn, Tshepo and Caitlynn for making our workshop the success it was.

Likewise thank you to Dave, Hannes and Laetitia for the use of your precious studio lighting equipment.


5 intrepid members of Boksburg Camera enjoyed a Club outing to Walter Sisulu Gardens on Sunday 24 April. The weather started off as being quite threatening and very overcast which ended up as a blessing in disguise, as the low lighting enabled the group to get some good slow shutter speed shots of the Witpoortjie falls. Set subject for May in the bag?

After the weather cleared up the insects came out and the proponents of Macro had  an opportunity get in some macro shots.

The bird hide was pretty quiet with non-existent  activity from the avian species.

The walk along the river towards the bird hide did yield some great opportunities for close up shots of mushrooms and other fungi.

A most enjoyable morning in the fresh air and beautiful surrounds